Your Marketing Personality

by Christy Strauch
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YMP-coverDo you hate to market? Do you think you are just not the type to be good at it? Do you market sporadically and stop when you get business, then not do it again until you need more work? Do you dislike networking and cold calling? The most critical thing for any small business is consistent marketing, and it is the one thing that small businesses neglect more than any other. They think marketing is hard sales, or going to events you don’t like to “network” with people you don’t know. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This book shows you how to find your marketing personality; determine who “your people” are and where to find them; how to choose two kinds of marketing that you will enjoy and actually do; how to measure your results; and gives you a template to create your own marketing plan. The marketing you like, is the marketing you’ll do, is the marketing that works. Crammed with real-life examples, it includes directions on how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and 25+other kinds of marketing.

About the Author

Christy Strauch is a business coach who specializes in helping people create profitable businesses doing the work they love. She has been teaching business plan workshops for five years, and lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

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