Conscious Order

by Annie Rohrbach
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conscious-order-coverDrowning in clutter? Can’t find things? Paperwork out of control? Stuck? Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Afraid to let go because you might “need it someday?” Beating yourself up? Don’t know where to begin? You have the power within you to get and stay organized. In this book, veteran professional organizer, Annie Rohrbach shows you how to use the power of your thoughts, words, intentions, and imagination to create the order you desire. With a light touch, she helps you learn to trust your own instincts and make decisions more easily, as you release your clutter and create the beautiful spaces you long for.

About the Author

Annie Rohrbach is a professional organizer, entrepreneur, author, mother, and grandmother. She has also spent many years as an active community volunteer, event planner, and trained spiritual counselor. Annie loves teaching and inspiring others to create, manifest and experience more clarity, peace, order, balance, harmony, joy and freedom in their lives.

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