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Your Marketing Personality

Your Marketing Personality by Christy Strauch Price: $19.95 Do you hate to market? Do you think you are just not the type to be good at it? Do you market sporadically and stop when you get business, then not do it again until you need more work? Do you dislike networking and cold calling? The [...]

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Passion, Plan, Profit

“Passion, Plan, Profit” by Christy Strauch Price: $19.95 In this hands-on workbook, Christy Strauch gives creative people and small business owners the tools they need to help them understand the purpose their business or skill serves in the world; serve their best clients even better; and get clear on "Number," the language their business speaks [...]

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Authentic Marketing for Introverts

"Authentic Marketing for Introverts" by Christy Strauch Price: $18.95 The plan is simple: The things that made you hate marketing, make you good at it in today's world, and more likely to be successful now. Forget the old glad-handing, networking without connection, calling-to-quotas style. It’s over. It no longer works. What Introverts do well, is [...]

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