An Invitation to An Extraordinary Life: A Guide to Discovering, Organizing, and Manifesting the Things that Really Matter to You

by Anacaria Myrrha
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ExtraodinaryLife-coverWhat is an Extraordinary Life and how do you get to have one? An extraordinary life is one in which you: •Are living your authentic values and life purpose •Find deep meaning in your work •Feel alive and satisfied •Are surrounded by beauty •Are connected to Source •Are at peace For 34 years Anacaria Myrrha has been helping people find their way to this kind of life. Now at last she is sharing her secrets. Anacaria helps you slip beneath your resistance to embrace your innate love of order and beauty, and discover your own purpose and motivation to work. Some people are good at envisioning their extraordinary life but don’t have the structure to support it. Some have a support structure but have not yet dreamed up the vision to pour into it. Anacaria helps both blossom and come to fruition. Wherever you are in your life process, you can find yourself in this book. Although a pioneer in the field, professional organizer is not an accurate term for what she does. As a Purveyor of Practical Magic™, she bridges two worlds – the sacred and the mundane — and helps you find the underlying issues to be cleared in order to have an extraordinary life – one with a connection to the Divine while keeping its feet firmly on the Earth. With kindness, intelligence, humor and wit, she helps you access the power to create your Extraordinary Life.

About the Author

Anacaria Myrrha is an artist, organizer and writer. She is the past president of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers. Her clients include corporate executives and homemakers, educators and investors, artists and entrepreneurs, Kaiser Permanente, Lucasfilm, and the University of California. Incorporating spiritual principles and practical methods She lives in San Rafael CA .

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